Donato Publishing Presents

An Italian Australian Novel

Based on Real Life Events

About the book

A poignant tale of extreme hardship, anguish and love where one man must decide whether he’ll accept life’s circumstances surrounding the coveted, sacred Italian tenant of ‘Omerta’ for the sake of his Family.

Alosio’s heart, mind and soul burned with the memory of his beloved Sera’ and memories leading to his departing from her company. In the years to follow, Alosio would become so hardened by the world that he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to vocally express his love, his cold nature would become notorious. For now, however and until they met again, she bestowed upon him a kiss that would last as the sustenance of his love for her. He could not but exhale one breath without feeling her within him. As their lips parted for the last time in some years, she prayed and said, “Whenever you despair, whenever you think of me, speak these words and remember they are mine. I ask the angels of light to stand at the gateway of my soul, please protect me from all negativity, except that from which I need for my learning”


Though it’s hard for me to find the time for books, I enjoyed reading ‘Bianco’. I came to Australia from Italy as a boy, so Gianni’s story was familiar in some ways, but different. Full of interesting history and things I remember too. If you enjoy a great story or the past, then I recommend ‘Bianco’.


— Joe Ricciardo

I’m so happy when friends and aquaintances of mine step forward and put their heart on the line…
I met Gianni while on spring break in London in 2006 , and we became pen pals over the years. Now he’s published a book recounting his family history from Italy to Australia. I’ve only read the beginning so far, and I honestly can’t wait to finish the rest, because immigration tales are so fascinating to me and Gianni writes so vividly. This creative life can make you feel like an imposter sometimes, so to all of you who cast that feeling aside and bravely take those first, second and third steps to realize a vision, I say BRAVA!


— Alexandria Boddie/MC&Performance Artist

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About the Author

Gianni Di Camillo

Gianni is also a Dance Choreographer and is greatly involved in the Arts. He lives in Australia, where he is currently working on his second novel. He reveres linguistics and the physical sciences of the Cosmos and our living world, while having intense interests in Music and Design.

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